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Oak Dining Room

Oak Dining Room

Oak is loved in the United Kingdom; not only as a symbolic tree coated in history, but due to the stunning furniture which can be crafted from the wood. At The Furniture House, we have a wide range of Oak Furniture available for the home, be it kitchen, bedroom, dining room or lounge, we have it all. Have a browse through our Oak Dining Room products for inspiration, and see our top selling Breton Collection.

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What is Oak Wood?

The Common Oak Tree is one of the best loved trees in the United Kingdom, due to the iconic style and distinctive leaves. Oak Furniture is just as popular, with the rich grain of the Oak being a desirable feature for home furniture. Slow growing, this hardwood is a popular choice for furniture in both modern and traditional settings.

Where is Oak Grown?

Oak is native to the Northern Hemisphere, and is grown around the world from the United Kingdom, United States of America, and continental Europe to name a few regions. It is the most common tree species in the UK, and are slow growing, often taking decades to even generate any shade from the sun!

What is the difference between Oak and Oak Veneer?

A common question often asked is what is oak veneer. Oak veneer is made out of thin slices of high grade oak, which are glued to cover a low quality core. This offers a good alternative to solid oak; maintaining that warm desirable finish and appearance of solid oak, whilst proving better value for money. Many products have a mix of solid oak and oak veneer components.