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Pine Shop By Item

Pine trees are one of the most prevalent genus of trees, and their timber is using in both home indoor and outdoor furniture sets. This is due to the flexible nature of the wood to be able to craft parts. We have softwood pine pieces available at The Furniture House at fantastic prices, which along with great customer service, means we are the first point of call for your pine needs!

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What is Pine?

Evergreen conifers, Pine trees are one of the most distinguishable genus of trees in the United Kingdom and Northern Hemisphere. Renowned for their needles and unique look, Pine trees are abundant in the UK, particularly Wales and Scotland, as well as across Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The quick growing nature of this softwood makes it popular for timber, and is used in both indoor and outdoor furniture products. 

Where is Pine Grown?

Pine is grown across the United Kingdom and on the continent, thriving on heathland and upland locations. Scots pine is the only truly native pine in the UK, whilst Sitka Spruce was introduced to Britain from Alaska, in 1831 and ever present in our landscape.

Why Choose Pine Furniture?

Pine is a traditional wood used for home furniture. Pine is often better value than slower growing woods such as Oak, due to the quick growing time. Pine is one of the most used materials when it comes to furniture in the home, and has been used for years due to the light tone of the wood. This makes it ideal for those who want the rustic or country feel in their home.