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What Furniture Materials are Available?

With indoor and outdoor furniture at The Furniture House, we have a wide range of products and a wide range of materials used in our products. Wood, metal, rattan, we have many finishes to choose from to get your desired finish and to suit any existing furniture you may have. 

What Material Furniture To Choose?

There are lots of points to consider when picking a product material. Style, durability, and price are key factors when choosing material. Items  which are lower priced may require more maintenance, or be made of cheaper materials. What one needs to ask oneself is whether lower investment in the product is worth the maintenance work to keep the product looking great in the long run?

What Material to Choose?

With such a wide range of materials used in products available at the Furniture House, you can be forgiven for being torn what product to choose. Traditionalists may tend to favour wooden items, such as Oak, Pine, Teak and Eucalyptus, whereas others may prefer a more contemporary twist such as metal mixes or plastic.

A first note to consider is the durability and weathering of the material. Metal is stronger than wood for example, so for outdoor furniture a metal bench may be more substantial than softwood (which would also require treating and maintenance if left outside). However, the natural weathering of teak is very desirable, and a key selling point of teak wood.

The type of material may affect the price. For example for garden furniture, teak is more expensive than eucalyptus, due to the premium nature of teak. This is despite them both being hardwoods. The same applies for rattan, in the fact that Polyrattan (a synthetic rattan) is more competitively priced than full round wicker. 

A lot does go down to personal choice, but if you are looking to cut the costs, why not try a piece with Oak Veneers in? This gives the same look and appearance as normal Oak, but by going to veneers rather than solid oak, the cost of materials goes down, as does the price you pay.