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Spruce Shop By Item

Spruce is used predominantly in the outdoor furniture sector, and is ideal for those who pine the natural look and feel of timber. Buy Spruce furniture now at the Furniture House at great prices, such as the popular Poseidon Swing Seat Arbour.  

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What is Spruce Wood?

Spruce is one of the most commonly used woods in the UK garden industry. Due to favourable pricing, abundance, and the lovely natural wood finish, many of the items in your garden may be made from spruce. In everyday terms, it has styling similar to that of a standard Christmas tree, and is a softwood

Spruce covers around 35 coniferous evergreen trees and tend to be found in the northern hemisphere, including parts of the United Kingdom (especially Wales and Scotland), and across continental Europe. The trees are large in size, and are around 20 to 60 metres tall. Quick growing, they have become a favoured choice in the timber industry.

Where is it Grown?

Spruce is found in temperate and boreal climates, which are towards the North of the northern hemisphere. Many are grown in Scandinavia, the Baltic, Russia, as well as in the United Kingdom.  

What is it Good For?

As well as this softwood being readily available and not in short supply, the general make up of the wood makes it ideal to be used in garden furniture. This is as the wood can be pressure treatment for resistance against rot. The consistency of hardwoods (such as Eucalyptus) are more difficult to pressure treat, and most softwoods can therefore be adapted and pressure treated to make them rot, mould, and fungi resistant. This makes it ideal for outdoor furniture, where the abundance of rain in the UK may cause rot in products which haven't been pressure treated.

Does Spruce Need to Be Treated?

Most spruce does tend to come pressure treated, which provides protection against rot and blue mould. Although softwood spruce pieces may eventually look weathered from the outside in the long run, this pressure treatment ensures that the durability and strength is not compromised.