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Wooden Shop By Item

We have a range of wooden furniture and products available on The Furniture House, from indoor Oak, to outdoor Spruce. Available now at great prices, check out our full range at thefurniturehouse.co.uk.

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What Wood Should I Get?

Different woods have different looks and feels, and choosing the right wood is important for creating an ambience in your room or garden. Solid oak is renowned for it's warm natural grain, which makes it a preferred choice for indoor furniture. Pine is also a popular choice, for those who require a softer more natural looking wood.

Outside, Eucalyptus and Teak are hardwoods and popular due to their natural ageing process and colour change. Many outdoor items are also made out of softwood, and are pressure treated.

What is Pressure Treated Wood?

Many softwood items such as pine and spruce come pressure treated.  This is a premium wood preservation technique used to prolong to life of wood. The timber is immersed in an environmentally friendly preservative, which under high pressure and vacuum is forced deep into the wood. The helps preserve the timber for several years from insects, fungal decay and rot, and offers a longer lasting protection compared to the the application of a surface coating of preservative.

What is Oak Veneer?

Oak veneer is made out of thin slices of high grade oak, which are glued to cover a low quality core. This offers a good alternative to solid oak; maintaining that warm desirable finish and appearance of solid oak, whilst proving better value for money. Many products have a mix of solid oak and oak veneer components, and painted products are often made out of veneers as the paint would cover the wood anyway.

What is the Difference between Hardwood and Softwood?

Hardwoods come from deciduous trees, which are those which lose their leaves. Examples include Eucalyptus, Mahogany, Teak, and Oak . They tend to be longer growing, and are often harder to the touch and hardwood furniture tends to demand higher prices. Softwood is generally quicker growing and from evergreen trees, or trees which have pine leaves. Spruce and Pine are good examples.

Softwoods are preferred in the garden industry due to the ability for them to be pressure treated, whereas hardwood furniture generally has to be stained on the outside to protect it.